Reconnecting with Lost Passions

It’s easy to get lost in our daily routines and forget to make time for ourselves doing the things that make us the happiest. Life so often gets in the way and is taken over by staff meetings, soccer practice, piano recitals… the list goes on and on. Follow these simple tips below to help pave the way for a happier, more well-rounded lifestyle.

  1. Make a list of your passions. Remember all those things you used to love doing? Writing, hiking, yoga… Whatever those activities were that truly fed your soul and made you feel the best.
  2. Do your research. So you made your list of your forgotten loves, now what? A simple google search will let you know where you can indulge in those passions. Used to love singing? A local search for vocal lessons will put you in contact with a list of qualified instructors to help spark your passions!
  3. Write it Down. Block out specific times in your week to devote to your hobbies. Writing them down in your calendar every week will act as a constant reminder to take time for yourself.
  4. Invite a friend. Bringing another person to accompany you doing things you love will not only make it more fun but will also make it more likely that you continue to make time to do what you truly enjoy.
  5. Do not feel guilty! It’s common for adults to feel guilty when taking time for ourselves. We can sometimes feel like our time is better suited elsewhere, focusing on other’s needs. But remember, you’re a human being too with needs and wants and you deserve your happiness just like everyone else!

These tips may seem ordinary, but too often we allow ourselves to get caught up in everything else we have going on and don’t make the time to do the things that we truly enjoy. Focusing on at least one thing that brings us happiness will improve all aspects of life, don’t believe me? Just try it!


Tips to Boost Your Mood & Energy at Work

Do you find yourself always hitting that afternoon slump at work? Does it seem like no matter how much coffee or Red Bull you drink you can never seem to get out of that sleepy haze?

Try some of these recommendations to boost your energy and mood to get you through until the end of the day!

1. Pump up the Tunes. Get in the zone with music, it will keep your brain engaged so play something you enjoy in the background while at your desk.

2. Stay Active. Sitting in one place for too long can cause discomfort so do some stretching or take a walk on your break to avoid pain in your joints.

It may not be your favorite thing to do but exercise is not only great for your body and your health; it is also a great source of energy!

3. Socialize. Being friendly with coworkers is a great way to boost your mood throughout the day. We as humans are social creatures, feed your soul with a little communication!

4. Snacks are your friend! Well the healthy ones of course. Food boosts your energy levels and keeps you going all day. Make sure you have all of the healthy choices on hand so you’re not just grabbing the first bad choice that is close.

When your body is dehydrated you will feel less energized and awake so focus on foods like kiwi, watermelon and cucumbers that will hydrate your body and reenergize you at the same time.

Mint is also known to give you a burst of energy, try out anything from gum, breath mints or even the real thing in a beverage.

5. Meditate. This may seem counterproductive because mediation is used to calm the mind and body but breathing deeply and taking some quiet alone time for yourself can actually energize your body overtime.

Don’t worry you are not alone! Lots of people struggle with the same lack of energy and unhappy mood issues daily, but actively making an effort to counter the effects of fatigue will positively alter your mental and physical state so try one or all of the above tips to help!