Perfection Isn’t Real

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Most of us know the things we need to do to get ahead.

If you are anything like me, you’ve read the self-empowerment books, you’ve begun the efforts towards your best self, and you are aware of the things that distract you from achieving your goals.

And yet here you are, like me, still not being the best you can be.

Well guess what…

That’s absolutely f*cking okay!

And here’s why…

Perfection is not real.

Ladies and gentlemen, I repeat, perfection is not real!

And even more important…

Being perfect is NOT the same thing as being your best self!

I wrote my first personal blog post, (scroll down to check it out), MONTHS ago.

Long before I ever posted it to my page because I wanted my website to be “perfect”.

(it’s not, never will be)

And admittedly, it has taken me much longer than I’d like to admit (but sadly the dates in big bold letters make it quite obvious) to post my second blog post.

Well my friends, I’m not f*cking perfect either.

(sorry mom but you are well aware of my potty mouth at this point)

This short post is meant simply to celebrate the fact that NONE OF US ARE.

And to stop beating ourselves up for the deadlines we miss, the ideals we don’t quite fit or the goals we haven’t quite reached yet.

The whole point is to keep chug-a-lugging, man I could use a drink, and to try to be a little better than we were yesterday.

But hey, if you weren’t better today than you were yesterday, there’s always tomorrow my friends.



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This Life I Live

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My life truly changed a couple of months before I turned 27.


I found myself in a situation I knew all too well. I was in a job that wasn’t fulfilling, another relationship had just ended, and I wasn’t happy. I’d been there before and I knew I needed to make a change.


As someone who finds change intriguing and infatuating I’ve always welcomed it as a new adventure!


But for the first time, my desire for change was challenged by something else, I was plagued by fear. Fear of making the wrong choice, fear of not learning from my past decisions and mistakes, fear of being in the same situation a year or two from now. I knew I couldn’t afford to continue half-assing my existence hoping for something or someone to step in and save me.


And after some soul-searching and making a friend that truly changed my life and showed me the possibilities of what my world could be, a bout of clarity came through.


I’m a writer. I’ve always been a writer. Why am I not writing? Why do I not have a career in writing!


Before I’d always said my dream job was to be a successful writer. I wanted to write novels and travel the world. But I’d follow up by saying “but you don’t just magically produce a book and make enough to support yourself so I [insert job I didn’t enjoy] to pay the bills. I called that my “in the meantime”.


The problem was, my reality became my “in the meantime”. It became my whole life. I would have a spark of inspiration and write, write, write and then that would fade away and the amount of time I spent working on my writing would diminish more and more as I became swallowed up with the mundane routines of everyday living.


If I was going to make a change, a true change, I had to really commit to it and I had to do it now! So, I quit my part-time job that wasn’t taking me anywhere and devoted all of my energy on doing what I loved, writing!


Yes, I’ve done freelance writing for years but I never made the jump to create a career out of it.


So this time I wanted to focus on what I had been learning the past few weeks about entrepreneurship and creating success and honed in on copywriting instead of becoming a novelist.


Don’t get me wrong, I still want to write novels; but I reworked my intentions a bit.


Becoming a successful author was my big dream. It was at the top of the mountain, the center of my vision board, the ultimate. But I needed a means to get there, and I wanted that means to still be something I enjoyed, a life I could be proud of living. And so began my journey of building my own business in freelance copywriting.


My ultimate goal one day is to create a creative and educational platform for young writers to help facilitate and develop their writing and assist in their published achievements.


And that is not going to just mystically appear out of thin air!


So thank you for taking the time to read my first official blog post, I hope you stick around to see the magic unfold!

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